Anima, Reimagined. New and Exciting Menu!

Friday 22nd, September 2017

Anima, Reimagined. New and Exciting Menu!

Everything you love about us, but now even better!

We have done some ‘soul’ searching (excuse the pun) over the last few months. We want to continue being recognised as truly authentic in our approach to Italian fast food.

This is why we have renamed our pizza selection to reflect the provenance of our Italian products (although there is one Basque reference in there, since I loved the place so much after visiting some years ago!).

New Pizzas

  • Mammina
  • Trulli
  • San Sebastian
  • Spaccanapoli
  • Miramare

 Updated Pizzas

  • Classica (Classic Maggie)
  • Rusticana (Rustic Tuscan)
  • Fiamma (Wildfire)
  • Giardino (Very Veggie)
  • Agriturismo (Farmer’s Pride)
  • Inferno (Flamethrower)
  • Anima Mia (Animazing)

We are really proud of what we offer and the excellent quality of what we use, but we have not promoted this enough in the past. Which is why we have now changed some of the existing favourites’ pizza names to reflect these fantastic ingredients;

  • Salsiccia Piccante (spicy sausage)
  • Ventricina (spicy salami)
  • Nduja (soft spicy salami)
  • Scamorza (smoked mozzarella)
  • Fior di Latte (fresh) mozzarella

In addition, we have improved on many other ingredients, and introduced some exciting new ones;

  • Fresh basil on all Classica pizzas
  • 100% Italian sun-ripened plum tomatoes used in our sauces
  • All fresh tomatoes used across the menu, including our popular marinated tomatoes, are now flavoursome cherry vine tomatoes
  • Larger, juicier prawns
  • Chunky tuna fillets in olive oil from Italy
  • Incredibly tasty kalamata olives replace the ubiquitous black olives
  • Smoked Italian pancetta replaces bacon lardons – you’ll instantly notice the difference where they feature in some of our pasta sauces
  • Friarielli broccoli from Napoli is an amazing addition to our product line-up
  • We now freshly make our own chilli and fennel infused sausage, replacing the spicy meatballs and spicy pork that we used to buy. We know you’ll love it!

Furthermore, our Mega Beef Burgers, smoked bacon, pork and beef minces are made for us by well-respected local butcher George Bower of Stockbridge.

Finally, we have really upgraded our pasta and opted for quality over choice, which is why we now only sell only three shapes: Spaghetti, Penne and Wholegrain Penne.  The pasta is from Gragnano, near Napoli. Pasta from Gragnano is certified as IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta), which means it is recognised by the EU as having qualities specific to that geographic area. This is of superior quality, due to its bronze die extrusion, and slow drying process, creating tiny ridges for the sauce to better stick to the pasta. The whole grain is also organic!

Some products and menu choices did not make the cut for the new reimagined Anima menu, as they were just not authentic enough. We do not want to be a hybrid Italian takeaway. We want to be the real thing, and more. Slow-rise Roman-style pizza, real Neapolitan pasta, and some excellent Burgers and Chicken Melts on our homemade focaccia thrown in for good measure.

We hope you love our new menu as much as we do, and we believe you’ll enjoy the journey of discovering it all.

See you at Anima!