The Magic of Gragnano

Thursday 5th, October 2017

The Magic of Gragnano

What makes Gragnano pasta unique?

It is an ideal location for the production of this gastronomical delicacy – every element of this city is ideal for the production of pasta. Over the centuries, Gragnano pasta has become world famous. Let’s discover why.

Gragnano is built on various altimetric levels, starting at 350 meters and finishing at almost 600 meters. It sits on a plain facing the sea, on the south-east vertex of the Gulf of Naples, at the base of the Lattari Mountains.

In this area after midday, the hot air of the terra firma rises and leaves room for the fresher and heavier air from the Gulf of Naples, which brings with it humidity from the sea. At night the sea pulls back its humidity, leaving Gragnano with a mild and stable climate the entire year round. This allows the pasta to gradually dry – a perfect exchange not only thermally but also for its aromas and fragrances.

The city’s water is the last essential element that creates the unique flavor of Gragnano pasta, recognizable from the very first bite. The water used in the dough has very little calcium and comes from the streams of Mount Faito; this water gives the pasta unmistakable characteristics.

Within this magical city the tradition of dry pasta production has been passed down from father to son, making it famous in the world from the 1800’s forward.

Thanks to these unique qualities, Gragnano pasta has been recognized as a Protected Geographic Indication (IGP). Thanks to this title awarded by the Italian Department of Quality, the city of Gragnano is the first in Italy to have this recognition as a city (and not an individual company).

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