Wednesday 30th, August 2017

Wild Mushrooms in Season!

Ever since Anima opened in November 2004, wild mushrooms have always been on our menu. They started off as the star ingredient in our weekly pasta specials, but then became so popular, we had to figure out a way of keeping them on the menu.

We developed a small-batch freezing process which ensures optimum freshness of the hand-picked Porcini and Chanterelle, so that we could offer this to our discerning customers throughout the year.

We are pleased to say that this year’s crop has been great, and the mushrooms are of superb quality.

I can’t take the credit for all this goodness however; my father Filippo has been picking wild mushrooms since he was a boy in Italy, and his passion for these beauties brings a real vibe to Anima at this time of year. In fact, he always jokes that the reason he has stayed in Scotland so long is because the Porcini are that good!

Wild mushrooms are available on our Bosco and Terreno pastas, and our Wildfire pizza.

See you at Anima!